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Bedbug Preparation

ResQ Canada offers Bedbug Preparation Services for residential and commercial properties.

Our team of highly trained professionals will provide a stress free environment as they bring tenants and home owners relief from the tedious and tiresome demands involved with preparing ones home.

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What to except

ResQ prep services includes:

    • Laundering of all bedding, clothing & any additional fabrics with warm water followed by drying on high heat for up to 50 minutes.
    • Packing all loose items in plastic sealed boxes and totes.
    • Stacking all boxed and bagged items and clean laundry in a safe location as to not cross contaminate with pest controls treatment.
    • Moving heavy furniture and beds off the wall to make the room spray ready,
    • Vacuuming and steaming all furniture, baseboards, shelves, cracks and voids.

Disposal Services

During your inspection inform our technician if any furniture or items are to be disposed of due to high infestation.

Our team will thoroughly shrink wrap any infested items or furniture in plastic. After wrapped we will remove the items from your home and place them at your designated dumping location.

If required, our team will load and transport disposal items to the nearest waste disposal and recycling site.

Benefits of vacuum and steam treatment

Vacuum and Steam treatment brings quick relief to tenants and home owners living with bedbugs. Majority of live infestation and eggs can be eliminated immediately before introducing chemicals to the environment.

Bedbugs and bedbug eggs die after being introduced to temperatures of 50°c and higher. ResQ Canada uses high efficiency commercial grade steamers to kill the nesting and deep-seated bugs and eggs.

Steam is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals. However, while very effective at significantly decreasing the infestation one can never be completely certain that all bedbug activity has been completely eradicated and should still seek help from a licensed pest control company.


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