ResQ Service

ResQ proudly served the following corporate and Non-Profit businesses:

  • Registered Vendor for the City of Hamilton
  • Good Shepherd Non-Profit Homes
  • Housing Help Centre,
  • Greenwin Inc.
  • Medallion Corporation,
  • Laks Property Mgmt.
  • SMAR Holdings Inc.,
  • Synergy Property Mgmt.
  • Fenwick Management Inc.
  • Don Quixote-Burlington
  • Phoenix Whole Sales,
  • Bombay Touch Restaurant,
  • Eastern Foods Chain,
  • Samir Super Market,
  • KBA – Korean Business Association’(A group of over 2000 Convenient stores)
  • Big Bear, Big Bag, Big Beer, Lee Convenient Stores,
  • Double Double Pizza
  • Arman Holdings,

The list of satisfied clients is continuously growing……….

ResQ Canada

Pest Management & Environmental Solutions Inc.

We promote Residential Quality Living.

  • ResQ is a Canadian registered pest control company owned and operated by experienced exterminators in the industry,
  • ResQ offers professional pest control Treatment and Training (T&T) to its clients, especially for complete eradication of Bedbugs, removal of nuisance Birds and mammals,
  • ResQ offers treatment and training services especially in the area of structural Pest control practices and procedures under the given guidelines and principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We use Steam, Vac and Forced air (Thermal remediation process) for Bedbugs control followed up with Chemical treatment,
  • ResQ targets a wide range of household common pests including crawling pests, rodents and moles, vertebrates, birds etc., Pest regime is including extermination of Bed Bugs, roaches, Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Silverfish, carpet mites, spiders, Sow Bugs, Mealy bugs, Centipedes, millipedes, weevils and other stored products pest, carpet Beetle, pavement Ants, Carpenter Bees, Clothes Moths, Earwigs, Fleas, Wasp, Dear Mouse, Rats, Cluster Flies, House Flies, Fruit Flies, Blow Flies,
  • A team of Fully Licensed Exterminators, Assistant Exterminators and Trained Home Prep team to work together in household settings and to provide a peaceful pest free environment while maintaining the clients’ privacy confidentiality,
  • We offer bedbugs unit treatment Prep Services to Hamilton Public Health, Housing Help Centre’s, Halton Region Housing and other private clients,

For more information please contact us at :  or phone us at: 289 489 0678.